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A doula is a Greek word that means

"a Woman who Serves"

That is what I am here to do. I am a trained professional who gives non-medical educational and emotional support to pregnant, laboring, and

postpartum families and mothers.


My main goal is to help provide you with a safe, supportive,

and positive birth experience.


Service Offerings

Birth  Doula

A 2012 Cochrane review showed that births attended by doulas were shown to result in less C-sections, forceps usage, epidurals, and less overall negative feelings about birth.  Other benefits observed were higher breastfeeding success rates, lower blood pressure during births, less pain experienced, and better maternal self-esteem. Doulas are not anti-hospital or anti-intervention -- I am pro- YOU! Through every twist birth may take I am here to support and guide you through every decision.

"Just the Birth" doula support - $1700

  • Including 2 prenatals, birth support, and one postpartum visit. I travel to births within a 35 mile radius of Ventura. Our prenatals are centered around birth preparation, holistic pregnancy care, and preparation for postpartum. 

Doula + photography services - $2100

  • All above mentioned + professional photography services during the birth

Total care birth + postpartum doula package - $3500

  • Above mentioned plus 8 visits postpartum where I bring nourishing teas and herbs, help you make a postpartum nutrition and wellness plan, help you feed baby + rest postpartum, help in recovery with herbs and steaming, offer babywearing advice and support, and more! Also includes traditional bengkung belly binding. 

Sliding scale may be available; please contact for more info. 


Postpartum  Doula

Postpartum is the portal between who you were and who you are becoming. I provide a broad spectrum of support in this time. Postpartum support looks different for every woman. For some it may be mainly catching up on sleep while I hold baby and do household chores. It may be assisting with feeding support. Whatever you find yourself needing, I am there to help.

​You deserve support and rest. Maybe the meal train has ended or your partner has gone back to work. You find yourself with empty days feeling overwhelmed with lack of sleep, feeding around the clock, and a whole house to clean. You were not meant to do this alone. 

A postpartum doula is designed to step in and help you cope with this transition. 

Commonly Requested Support Tasks: 

  • Light housework (a clean space can do wonders for the soul)

  • Light cooking of nourishing meals and snacks

  • Infant feeding support (why are there so many pump parts?!)

  • Time to sleep and recover from birth

  • Assistance with soothing your new infant

  • Help with entertaining older kiddos

  • Light, non-medical nutritional and herbal recommendations and support

  • Additional services also include yoni steaming.


Daytime postpartum rate is $40 an hour.

Babywearing is a skill that may be hard to learn in the depths of postpartum. Choosing the right carrier for you can be so intimidating and complicated with all the different fabric, buckles and methods. Let me help!

Benefits to Babywearing: 

  • Soothes the transition from womb to world

  • Can reduce the rate of postpartum mood disorders 

  • Increase bonding hormones

  • Increase milk supply

  • Reduce infant crying


I provide 1-on-1 babywearing support that includes fit checks with the carriers you have, adjustments for optimal comfort for mom, partner and baby, personalized education, and continual support. I also provide additional carriers to try on and find out what is most comfy. 


Virtual consults are $30. Additional travel fee if in person is requested.

For group class rates, please contact. For our workshop schedule, please follow our Instagram for updates. 

Babywearing  Education  &  Support

  • Do you only work with unmedicated births?
    Not at all! Up to 80% of women in the US utilize pain medication in labor! Pain relief is just one aspect of labor. Doulas are especially trained in providing alternative pain relief measures but that doesn't mean medication doesn't have it's time and place.
  • What if my partner is there and will be supporting me?
    A common misconception is that doulas replace dads. This is definitely not the case. Doulas are there to support dads on becoming even more effective support partners. Many of my clients have said how it took pressure off of their partners to be fully present and not anxious.
  • Is a doula the same as a midwife?
    No. In short, a midwife is a trained medical professional who is able to help you deliver your babies and provide medical support. A doula provides non-medical support (emotional, physical, etc.).
  • When should I hire a doula?
    It is typically optimal to have a doula chosen and hired by your third trimester. That being said, I have had several clients hire me as late as 38 weeks.
  • Are doulas just for first-time moms?
    Absolutely not! In fact, a lot of experienced mothers choose to hire a doula wanting to have a different experience from their first. Or perhaps you are having a VBAC and want to hire a doula for additional support!
  • What if I know I’m having a C-section?
    I offer specialized C-section support and have a separate package with different pricing. Please contact me to set up a consult call and see if C-section support is right for you!
  • Do you take insurance?
    I am currently in network with Gold Coast Health Services. I have had several clients have success with insurance reimbursement with a superbill.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Yes! We can discuss a payment schedule during your consultation. I am happy to offer payment plans to families so they can receive doula services without the financial stress!
  • Where can I find your birth photography portfolio?
    Please check out my Instagram and reach out to me via the Contact Form to see my full portfolio!

Client  Love Letters

Grace is truly amazing in her field! I had no idea I was using my baby carrier all wrong and figured my baby just didn't like carriers until consulting with her.  Now my baby is very happy in her carrier, my back doesn't hurt while wearing her and I can get more things done around the house! Plus I now know how to take the carrier on and off by myself with my baby in it which I couldn't master before. Also found out from Grace that my carrier can be used for back wearing and how to do so! Total game changer! I highly recommend her services to all mamas!!

-Lauren Smith

Newborn Baby with Mom

Life's Most Beautiful Moments

Are better when shared. 

Let's design the birth of your dreams!



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